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What is Artist Class?

  • Artist Class is an online collection of 12 project tutorials, created by 12 different artists. Each session takes place over 4 weeks, on a members-only blog, and there’s something new every day.

    Daily posts will include instructions for one dozen individual projects plus additional, bonus links, images and mini-projects.

    Students receive quality in quantity: project tutorials filled with great pictures and information designed to get creative juices flowing and introduce new skills. There’s a lot of material available during each session, so every tutorial is downloadable to be saved or printed. 

    Artist Class tutorials are flexible enough to provide lots of information for beginners, as well as fun, beautiful projects for experienced artists.

    Project categories might include:

    • paper arts
    • fabric & fiber arts
    • jewelry making
    • digital art
    • journaling
    • assemblage

    Each Artist Class session takes place on a private, members-only blog. There are daily posts throughout the 4 week session. The blog is open for 3 months to allow plenty of time to save material, ask questions and share pictures of your creations.

    The price for each 4 week session is $59.

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Ooooookay, I think I might be participating in this one. I love spring and these classes are soooooo pretty!


This looks like it is going to be a fun one!


Love the new banner and can't wait for the next class!

Of course I am still working on the February classes...so many wonderful projects! I am about to finish Dawn's Angel Canvas today.

I LOVE Artist Class!


Marilyn Hughes

I can hardly wait for payday (end of the month SOB), so I can sign up for this series of classes. February's was so much fun!



Hello, I can afford the new price of 39. Can I ask how do I make sure I pay just that? Where do I get the code? Where do I put it? Can you pay via paypal?

Artist Class

Hi Colette! 

Im so glad youre joining, its looks great. 

The registration is pretty easy once you see it. 

When youre on the product site:


just click on Add to Cart . A pop up box comes up and it days discount code in a box right under the product line. After you put in a discount code then you click on update Cart and youll see the $39 price. Theres a Paypal button right below that. 

All of the artists have their own discount codes listed on their blogs. If you dont see one, let me know Ill look one up.

If you run into any problems, just let me know!



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